Hutt-Tempe Student Exchange

Our Hutt students are back after experiencing an amazing time in Tempe, Arizona. Here’s what Skylar Schineller, 2019 Tempe student, had to say about this year’s exchange:

“I love these people so incredibly much. You guys made my summer the best it could’ve been. I can’t wait until I see you lovely people again. Thank you for each inside joke, game of paranoia, jam session and sing alongs. I can’t wait for more of everything with you wonderful people.”


To see what the students have been up to in this year’s exchange, visit our Facebook page “Hutt Tempe NZ/AZ” or follow our “huttsistercities” Instagram page. We also are holding our Information Night for next year’s Student and Educator Exchanges. Please come along to hear about the wonderful experiences and benefits of these exchanges.



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