Tempe, Arizona, USA

Sister City since 1981

Tempe is the first sister city that Lower Hutt has partnered with. The Hutt-Tempe relationship has involved a wide range of exchange programmes including students, educators, police, accountants, and supermarket staff.

We currently run a student exchange for three Year 12/13 students, and a teacher exchange for two teachers.

key Facts

Population: 158,000 and is the fifth largest city in the state of Arizona.

Major industries: high technology, manufacturing, education, commerce and tourism.

We signed a sister city agreement with Tempe in 1981 and the relationship has involved a range of exchanges - two of which we run.

Education: home to the fifth largest university in the country, Arizona State University (ASU). The city also has 43 elementary and middle schools, and six high schools.

Tempe is most commonly pronounced, temp-ee.
A person who lives in Tempe is called a Tempean.

Tempe got its name in 1879. According to the City of Tempe, "'Lord' Darrell Duppa, an Englishman who helped establish Phoenix, is credited with suggesting the name. The sight of the butte and the wide river, and the nearby expanse of green fields, reminded him of the Vale of Tempe in ancient Greece.”

a high-tech mecca

In 2011 a mayoral delegation also travelled to Tempe where key business relationships were established.  A further trip occurred to Tempe in October 2014 with a business delegation led by the Mayor of Lower Hutt. We value the relationships we have with the science, technology and manufacturing industry. They continue to boost our local economy with inspiration and development potential.