Educator Exchange

The purpose of the educator programme is to provide an opportunity for educators to develop professional educational growth and understanding among the people of Tempe, Arizona through a family living and school teaching experience.

The educator exchange programme enables the exchange of two local educators (including special needs, librarians, youth leaders) with two Tempe educators.  This exchange complements the professional development of educators from both countries in a reciprocal home host environment.


Selection Criteria

  • Applicants must work at an educational organisation located within the Hutt City Council area.

  • Applicants must hold New Zealand citizenship or New Zealand residency.



  • Applicants are required to participate in Hutt Sister City Foundation (HSCF) activities. An application fee of $20 is to be paid.

  • Applications can be lodged at any time. Selection is usually held in the October of the year preceding the exchange.

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Applicants will be interviewed by a selection panel.



All applicants will be advised by telephone, followed by a formal letter, as to the success of their application.



  • Itineraries and airfares will be organised by each educator. Educators will pay the total cost of their airfares and HCC will reimburse them $1500 as per the HSCF/HCC contract.

  • ESTA Visa fees for the USA will be paid by HSCF.

  • Spending money for the USA is the responsibility of each selected Educator.

  • There are costs involved in hosting a Tempe Educator in your home and these should be taken into account. They will be a member of your family while they are here as will the selected NZ Educators when they travel to Tempe.



  • Tempe Educators arrive in New Zealand in June and are hosted for three weeks, leaving in July.

  • Tempe Educators spend some time at the school of the selected New Zealand Educators.



  • Attend orientation meetings - this needs to be a priority.

  • Home host a Tempe Educator for three weeks.

  • Become an active member of the HSCF, support and participate in activities and events - this includes speaking at schools, working at information booths at organised functions, and providing assistance with activities at Minoh House for the year of their exchange.

  • Sign a contract of commitment, participation, and responsibility with the HSCF.

  • Organise a programme and events for the Tempe Educators.

  • Attend formal events organised by the HSCF.

  • Provide a written report about the exchange and present it to the HSCF - this can be a group report.

  • Make a presentation to their staff.

  • Selected Educators will commit to membership of the HSCF for at least one year after their trip to assist future selected Educators and to promote the exchange.



  • Selected educators may organise and participate in fundraising activities before the Tempe Educators arrive. These activities may be conducted jointly with the selected NZ students or separately.

  • The money raised will be used for airfares for New Zealand Educators and to organise a programme for both Tempe and NZ Educators here in New Zealand.

  • The Educator Co-ordinator and the HSCF Board will assist generally with these activities.

  • Examples of previous years’ fundraising activities will be given and the management of funds raised will be entirely in the hands of the selected Educator group and/or students.



  • Obtaining a passport prior to departure is the responsibility of the participant.

  • Selected Educators should promote a positive experience for the visiting Educator both at school and at home.

  • NZ Educators will live in the home of the Tempe Educators and are expected to be professional and co-operative in the family living experience.

  • NZ Educators will commit to participating in all scheduled activities.

  • Your family needs to be supportive of your participation and time commitment to this Educator exchange.

  • This is a professional Educator exchange and is not for independent travel activities. As a participant in the Exchange, understand that this programme does in no way include a spouse, family member(s), or friend(s) for this travel.

  • With the HSCF and the support of the Hutt City Council, there would not be an Exchange programme. Involvement is essential.